This Week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church

In 2017, we celebrate just about every pregnancy we hear about. The “baby bump” is out front (pun intended) and proudly displayed, whatever the circumstances! It is hard to believe there was a time when pregnancy was a private matter that folks were reticent to discuss. I remember my mother whispering in my ear that our married neighbor was “going to have a baby”. Like it was some secret we weren’t supposed to know about. Teachers were required to quit their jobs when they started to “show”. What if the kids start asking questions? Pregnant teens abruptly disappeared from school. They were “visiting sick relatives”. Older women, like my friend’s mom who was pregnant when we were high school seniors made daughter tell me “I’m soooooooooo embarrassed I want to die!” There were times when pregnancy was considered … well … a bit inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. If you were pregnant at an inconvenient or embarrassing time, what did you do? You went into seclusion. Or you just went away for a “while”. That sounds pretty dismal. Not a lot of support. But that is what Mary and Elizabeth faced when they found themselves pregnant at inconvenient and embarrassing times. Elizabeth in her old age and Mary … well … unmarried. In our scripture reading this week, we see what they did. And how they coped. Come and hear about it this week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church at 8:30am when Pastor Jeff preaches “Family Support” based on Luke 1: 39-56. Then stick around for the annual Christmas Pageant at the 11am service when we present “The Christmas Shop Around the Corner”. It will be a great day at JMPC! Come and celebrate the third Sunday of Advent with us.

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