This Week (Palm Sunday) at John McMillan Presbyterian Church

Every four years, we in the United States go to the mats proclaiming that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and that we need someone who can pull it out and make it … well … whatever we want it to be. We are not alone. This happens in every country where elections are held. But regardless of where the election takes place it seems like change never really happens. And even when it does, the change does not last. Here are two examples from my lifetime. Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. Both led a revolution of sorts. Both rode into the White House on a platform of change and hope for the future. Both were elected by people who want things to be put right! Reagan’s approval rating topped out at 68% in 1981 but by 1982 had fallen to 43% when his party lost 25 seats in the House of Representatives. Obama’s approval rating topped out at 69% in 2009 but by 2010 had fallen to 44% when his party lost 67 seats in the House of Representatives. Neither of these two “revolutionaries” could keep up the momentum … or the popularity. Neither could do what was promised and what people expected of them. Disappointment and rejection were the result. And the loss of significant power.

Which brings us to Palm Sunday. Jesus rides into Jerusalem. He has amassed a large following who are proclaiming him the Messiah! He comes to change the world. To begin a revolution. He enters the city to loud cheers and adulation. He is the one who will put things right! But his approval rating immediately plummets. How could such a thing happen? Come and hear about it on Sunday, March 25 when John McMillan Presbyterian Church celebrates Palm Sunday at 8:30 and 11. Pastor Jeff will preach “The Man Who would not be King” based on Mark 11: 1-11. Come and join the Holy Week Journey.

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