This week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church (April 14, 2019, Palm Sunday)

In 2005, Frank Warren started a website called “PostSecret”. Thousands of people have sent Warren “secrets” about their lives that are often funny, but also poignant and powerful. Many are things they regret, some deeply. They are anonymous. And he posts a lot of them on his website! Why would anyone want a secret regret about their past posted on PostSecret? Maybe this. There are things about ourselves that we keep secret, but that we would like to admit them to someone else, even if it is done anonymously. Maybe because it is funny, and nobody knows the joke. Maybe because we are ashamed, but nobody knows the incident. Maybe because it is something we regret and can’t get out of our heads. We cannot forgive ourselves. Maybe we believe that if we put these regrets into words and send the words out into the world, it will somehow make a difference. Maybe it will help us forgive ourselves. Someone knows what I did, even though they don’t know it was me. Maybe these folks then feel cleansed. Or just relieved to have put it out there, in words. I wonder if Peter would have posted his denials on PostSecret? Well, maybe. We know he told someone. That is how we know it happened, right? And we also know that Peter was forgiven by Jesus for doing it, right? But I wonder if Peter ever forgave himself? What makes me think he might not have? Because forgiving ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. It might just be impossible. How do we forgive ourselves? Come and hear about it Sunday, April 14, 2019 at John McMillan Presbyterian Church. This is Palm Sunday and Pastor Jeff will preach “What If I Stumble?” based on Mark 14” 32-42; 66-72. We will look forward to seeing you.

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