This Week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church (Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019)

Easter week Services at John McMillan Presbyterian Church: Tenebrae — Thursday at 7:30pm; Good Friday Vigil — Noon; Easter Sunday — Sunrise worship at 7:00am; Traditional worship at 8:30 and 11. Come and be with us!

When I was a kid, I remember Easter week a bit differently that I do now. Good Friday meant no school. Easter Sunday was a big deal and was always a fun day. A basket of candy (spice jelly beans were my favorite) was hidden somewhere in the house and the church was packed. Great music and that same story every year. Jesus Christ is risen today. He is risen indeed.

Now I think of Easter week differently. And I like it more now. Like most churches, at John McMillan Presbyterian Church we experience Holy Week in many ways. I say “experience” because we try to put ourselves in the shoes of those who were there with Jesus as he traveled to the cross.

We start our Easter journey on Thursday evening at 7:30 with our Tenebrae Service. A service of “shadows”. The world gets dark as the disciples have their last Passover with Jesus. Someone betrays, others sleep, they all run away in the end. We listen to the story of Jesus last 24 hours with scripture readings and reverential music. It all ends in darkness and silence.

Next, we gather at noon on Good Friday for an hour-long vigil where we hear the story of the crucifixion and try to understand what it means.

Saturday is silent, as we, like the disciples, are … well … speechless.

Then! Then! It is Resurrection Day! We gather at 7am for a sunrise worship service and welcome the rising sun and the Rising Son! At 8:30 and 11 we have our traditional services with brass, bells, celebratory music and then … that same old story. The one that we never get tired of. Jesus Christ is risen today. He is risen indeed.

Come and join us here at John McMillan Presbyterian Church as we walk with Jesus from death to life. We will look forward to seeing you.

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