This Week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church (June 30, 2019)

In 1987, the movie “Three Men and A Baby” premiered. Steve Guttenberg, Tom Selleck and Ted Danson were the stars. They were three bachelor friends – architect Peter, artist Michael, and actor Jack were roommates in an apartment in Manhattan. Jack leaves town for a while to make a movie. After Jack leaves Peter and Michael find Jack’s baby daughter, someone Jack knows nothing about, left outside their door. Ultimately, the three take the baby in and care for her as if she was their own (which in Jack’s case, is true). The three find that the task of caring for a baby is incredibly difficult and inconvenient. I thought of this movie this week when I was one of the volunteers at VBS this week. While none of the kids who attended were abandoned by their parents on the JMPC doorstep, they were given into our care for three hours a day during which time we would teach them about Jesus. For the church and the volunteers, this was not particularly difficult and inconvenient, but it did require a good deal of effort on the part of the organizers and teachers and volunteers. Yet, at the end, we all felt blessed at having had the opportunity to care for and teach the kids.

This experience is what Jesus calls us to when he welcomes the children to him in the Gospel of Mark. The mothers of the kids want Jesus to bless the kids. To make their lives better. To give them hope. VBS is one way JMPC follows the Jesus way. Unfortunately, there are many other children who need the blessings of disciples of Jesus. Children we are called to care for and teach. Come and hear about it Sunday, June 30 at John McMillan Presbyterian Church at 9:30 when Pasotr Jeff preaches “To Such as These” based on Mark 10: 13-16. See you at church!

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