This week a John McMillan Presbyterian Church (December 15, 2019; Third Sunday of Advent)

What might it be like to see an angel? In the movie “Angels in the Outfield” a young boy in foster care is told by his father that they will only be reunited as a family when the California Angels win the pennant. The boy is a big Angels fan and knows that the likelihood of the Angels wining the pennant is pretty slim. So, the boy offers a prayer that the Angels get some divine help. And they do – in the form of a bunch of angels who help the team win. What is interesting about the angels is that the boy can clearly see them and see what they do to help the team win. But everyone else just sees some freak occurrence that allows the normally bumbling Angels to miraculously win. Frederic Buechner is an author of novels that intertwine legend, faith and history. He wrote this about angels.

SLEIGHT-OF-HAND MAGIC is based on the demonstrable fact that as a rule people see only what they expect to see. Angels are powerful spirits whom God sends into the world to wish us well. Since we don’t expect to see them, we don’t. An angel spreads its glittering wings over us, and we say things like, “It was one of those days that made you feel good just to be alive,” or “I had a hunch everything was going to turn out all right,” or “I don’t know where I ever found the courage.” 

Is that us? Do we see the effect of angels without actually seeing the angels? Maybe.

Luke describes the appearance of angels to shepherds on the night of Jesus’ birth. His description is a bit hard to understand and to some hard to believe. But the impact was certainly real. Maybe in our minds we cannot “see” the angels, but we can see that something happened. Come hear about it this Sunday when Pastor Jeff preaches, “The Song of the Angels” based on Luke 2: 8-15. Come and hear. We will look forward to seeing you.

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