This week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church: August 2 — Stormy Weather

Each night on WESA there is an American Public Media news show called “Marketplace” hosted by Kai Ryssdal. The show is all about the economic news of the day, including the stock market. I am no economist, yet I find the show engaging, informative and … well … entertaining. On of my favorite parts of the show is when they “do the numbers” on the ups and downs of the stock markets. There is always a musical background as they review the daily indexes. It took me a while to recognize the relationship of the music to the report. If the markets go up, the background music is the song “We’re in the Money”. If the indexes are mixed, the song is “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing). And if the markets are down, the song is … can you guess? “Stormy Weather”. I think Marketplace has hit on something here. Music that identifies the mood. So what song are you singing in your head today? Some days, it seems that the world is starting to return to normal and “We’re in the Money”. It seems that most days are “Stormy Weather”. How do we manage these stormy times? Log in to John McMillan Presbyterian Church’s Facebook page this Sunday at 9:30am (or later on YouTube and Facebook) and hear about it when pastor Jeff preaches “Ready for the Storm”. We will look forward to seeing you (virtually).

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