This Week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church: Two Kinds of Wisdom

I am a big fan of Indiana Jones, the fictional adventurer/archeologist of the silver screen. One of the great movie quotes I have used many times comes from the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. Maybe you have seen the movie. There is a race to find the Holy Grail. The cup Jesus drank from at the Last Super. Indiana Jones’ father, also an adventurer/archeologist, has been searching for the Grail his entire life. Indiana is recruited to help when an evil Nazi kidnaps the elder Jones in order to find the Grail first and take it to Nazi Germany. After an action packed quest, Jones and his Nazi adversary end up in a room filled with bejeweled cups. One of them is the Grail. The keeper of the cups tells them to choose. If the choice is correct, the one who chooses can have the cup and whatever power it yields. Jones’ adversary goes first and looks for the most beautiful cup. He picks the one with the most gold and jewels. Certainly, he says, this is the one Jesus would have preferred. He drinks from it, chokes, screams in pain, and literally disintegrates on the spot. The keeper then calmly recites my favorite words in the movie. “He chose … poorly”. It’s Jones’ turn. He picks up an old, beat up cup, recognizing that Jesus would have used the common, simple ordinary cup of a carpenter. He drinks from the cup and he lives. He uses its power to heal his father’s gunshot wound. He chose … well. Both the evil Nazi and Jones use their wisdom to decide which is the true Grail. The evil Nazi uses a different kind of wisdom than Indiana. This is an illustration of what James, in his letter, refers to as the “two kinds of wisdom”. Jmaes’ words were true when James wrote them and are true today. Join John McMillan Presbyterian Church on January 17 at 10am via Facebook Live to hear what Pastor Jeff has to say about this passage and how we should think about it in 2021. We hope to virtually see you then.

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