This week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church: Sons of Thunder – Who were James and John?

On June 28, 1972, Chiffon Margarine started running a commercial starring Dena Dietrich as “Mother Nature”. She is handed a stick of what she presumes to be butter, tastes it and gushes over the sweet, creamy taste of natural butter. Then she is told that it’s not butter; it’s Chiffon Margarine. “We fooled you, Mother Nature!” the announcer says. Mother Nature scowls, raises her hands and a there is a clap of thunder. This is followed by an elephant stampede in the direction of the announcer in one of the commercials. This amusing and popular commercial illustrated the common response of one offended by some perceived “lesser” person. Mother Nature is going to bring down a natural disaster on them because she was “fooled” into believing margarine was butter. We see this type of behavior in James and John, much to the annoyance of Jesus. Join us at John McMillan Presbyterian Church Sunday at 10 on Facebook Live as Pastor Jeff preaches “Sons of Thunder” a biography of apostles James and John, the sons of Zebedee.

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