This week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church: Tax Collector – Who was Matthew?

Most folks have three names. Two are the “given” names. A first name and a middle name. Then we have the surname, which is a hereditary name common to all members of a family. To family and friends, we are generally referred to by one of our given names (except in school when we are often called by just our last name, or some nick name). Most folks are called by their first name but, interestingly, some are called by their middle names. That is true in my family. My dad, whose name was Thomas James Tindall, Sr. was called Jim. I don’t know why. My brother, Thomas James Tindall, Jr. is called Tom. My full name is Marshall Jefferson Tindall. The name I have answered to most of my life has been Jeff (purportedly because Tom could not pronounce Marshall when I was born). What is interesting is that when I was in Middle School and High School, everyone called me Marshall. Before and after that everyone called me Jeff. So, when I meet someone from my past, and they call me Marshall, I know I knew them in middle school or high school. One time I was courting a girl in high school who thought Marshall and Jeff were two different people. I never asked her which one she preferred. This was a problem the apostle Matthew had in the early church. He was known by two different names. Some thought in those days (and some think now) that Matthew was two different people. That is just a minor point of information on Matthew that I will explore when we examine the life and legends of the apostle Matthew, the tax collector. Join us at 10am in the parking lot or on Facebook Live as we continue our apostles’ biographies. 

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