Palm Sunday this week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church – “Go get a donkey, you two.”

Back around the turn of the century, I went on a mission trip with the high school youth group from my church. This was long before I became a pastor. I was just an adult volunteer. It was the second such trip I had chaperoned. In the previous year, I learned that one person was responsible for feeding the kids and adults their three meals and a snack every day for 6 days. There were a lot of people to feed. For reasons that I cannot explain, I volunteered to be the “cook” for the upcoming trip. I was given a book titled “Feeding Fifty” along with a pat on the back and the church credit card. I prepared the menu for each day. The only advice I got from the previous year’s cook was not to buy generic because the kids won’t eat it. When we arrived at the mission site, I was dropped off at the local grocery store and started to buy the food we would need. Probably about 8 carts full (they set up a special lane for me every time I came in and gave me every special they had running). My daily schedule thereafter was basically to give the kids breakfast (surprisingly easy because few ate it), put out lunch food so they could make their own lunches (not as easy), go to the store to buy 8 more carts of food (they knew me by name and I was very popular in the store), head back to the church where we were staying, unload the groceries and start getting dinner ready. This was all done by me, alone. I did not get to go to any of the work sites. Surprisingly, there were few complaints about the food. Yet, I was always in the kitchen, one of the “chaperones” and so basically ignored by the kids. I’m pretty sure a lot of them did not even know who I was. Here is the interesting thing. It was maybe my favorite youth mission trip. Even though few, if any, of those kids remember who cooked for them that week, they did the mission work, had great fellowship, and learned a bit about Jesus. I had a part in that. What does that have to do with the disciples? With Palm Sunday? It’s this. Jesus sent two disciples to get the colt he was to ride into Jerusalem. Who were they? No one knows. Join us Sunday at 10am in the John McMillan Presbyterian Church parking lot and/or on Facebook Live for Palm Sunday – this coming Sunday! – and hear something about the rest of the disciples.

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