This week at John McMillan Presbyterian Church; May 9, 2021 – “Returning”

When I was working in downtown Pittsburgh several years back, there was a proposal made by a developer for the removal of basically all the buildings between Smithfield Street and Market Square in what was called the Forbes and Fifth corridor. Most of those buildings were occupied only on the street level. These street level businesses, as I recall, were mostly run down and outdated retail businesses. The buildings were run down and with virtually no real value.  The proposal imagined modern buildings with new office space, restaurants and retail stores that would invite people from the suburbs downtown to shop, eat and work. It was thought that such an endeavor would be like a new renaissance for the downtown. That plan was, surprisingly to me, opposed by folks who thought that the removal of those buildings would destroy “historic properties”. My take on that at the time was that some of the buildings were not as old as I was. How could they be historic? To me they were ugly eyesores. I think that the opposition wanted folks to just move bake into the buildings and be “the way they were in the good old days”. But times had changed. If you walk down to Market Square now, you will see that after many years some changes were made and more people did come downtown for work, entertainment and dining, if not for shopping. We shall see what changes will happen now that occupancy of commercial real estate downtown is at severe risk from the discovery of how easy it is for folks to work remotely. Times do change. What does that have to do with church, mission and ministry? Much. As we emerge from the effects of the pandemic, things will not be like they were before. They will be different. And they will be better. Join us at John McMillan Presbyterian Church at 10am on Sunday, May 9, either in the parking lot or on Facebook Live when we hear about “Returning”. We hope you will join us.

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